Jason Paris, CEO Home, Mobile and Business at Spark New Zealand reveals new Unlimited Data Plan

Kiwis set to get cheapest data ever as Spark offers unlimited mobile data for under $20 a week

Spark has launched an offer that will give data-hungry New Zealanders cheaper mobile data than ever before: an open term* plan including unlimited data, for an unprecedented $79.99 per month.

Jason Paris, CEO of Spark Home Mobile and Business says, “We first trialled unlimited data through our Freedom plan in April. Kiwis asked for lower prices, and we’ve listened. We’re proud to announce that we have dropped the price by $50 and that includes free Spotify and free Lightbox – pretty much unlimited music and TV shows to use your unlimited data on as well. We think this is one of the best value unlimited mobile plans around the world.”

The latest US consumer research unlimited plans are growing in popularity, with 28% of US customers now on an unlimited data plans*. New Zealanders have been questioning when a New Zealand company will join the party and provide unlimited data at an accessible price.

Jason Paris says that Spark wants to meet that need, “Kiwis will now be able to use their mobiles without keeping an eye on the meter. It’s time for Spark customers to use their mobile to get online when they want, without waiting or putting it off because they haven’t got enough data or don’t want to use up precious gigs.”

Spark’s figures show that data usage has risen exponentially on the Spark mobile network – in the last year, traffic has more than tripled – and this trend isn’t slowing down.

“Kiwis are using more data than ever before, and that number is only set to rise,” continues Jason. “We have to recognise data is now a necessity and should be more accessible. We’ve invested millions in our mobile network ($383 million in just the last three years, a lot more than any other NZ mobile network) to provide the capacity that our customers need at scale.

“This has given us the ability to launch an unlimited plan that is the best value for data you’ll find in New Zealand – and what we think is one of the best value unlimited plans around the world.”

Plan details

$79.99 for consumer, $69.56 ($79.99 inc GST) for business. Unlimited data + Talk + Text + Spotify and Lightbox on us. Max speeds reduced after 22GB. No tethering or hotspots. Standard NZ and Aus numbers.

This is unlimited data to your mobile. It’s to your mobile (not anyone else’s mobile or other devices), and it’s always at a speed that will give you a good experience on a mobile device.

Plan Comparisons

New Zealand


No unlimited data plans available. Highest Data plan: Red + 15 GB for $99.99 per month


Unlimited mobile plan: $129 per month.


T-Mobile (USA): Unlimited plan: NZD$95.50/ US$70 inc. taxes and fees

Sprint (USA): Unlimited plan: NZD$80 / US$58.5 excl. taxes and fees

Verizon (USA): Unlimited plan NZD$122 / US$75 excl. taxes and fees

AT&T (USA): Unlimited plan NZD$112 / US$70 excl. taxes and fees

Three (UK): Unlimited NZD$59 / GBP33 inc. taxes and fees

O2 (UK): 25GB: NZ$44/ GBP25 inc. taxes and fees

EE (UK): 30GB: NZ$74/ GBP42 inc. taxes and fees

Vodafone UK: 40GB: NZ$70/ GBP40 inc. taxes and fees

Optus (AU): 20GB: NZ$77/ AU$70 inc. taxes and fees

Telstra (AU): 15GB: NZ$77 / AU$70 inc. taxes and fees

Vodafone (AU): 15GB: NZ$88 / AU$80 inc. taxes and fees

*Open term means a flexible one-month contract.


***NZD price includes average % of taxes and fees where these are excluded from the headline price