KFC to Trial Delivery in Hamilton in February

Restaurant Brands Ltd today confirmed that KFC will be trialling a home delivery service in Hamilton in February 2017. Following a successful trial, home delivery will then be rolled out to between a third and a half of KFC stores across New Zealand.

KFC previously offered a delivery service in New Zealand, but this ceased in 2007. Restaurant Brands CEO Russel Creedy believes the time is right for a fresh effort, supported by new technologies and increasing consumer demand for ultra-convenience.

“We expect home delivery will be more successful this time around because of advances in technology. Mobile, web-ordering and new payment systems mean that we can offer a better experience for customers, and will make the service more efficient and effective than it was ten years ago,” says Russel Creedy.

KFC home delivery is currently available in a number of markets around the world. Based on delivery in these markets, Restaurant Brands expects the new service to grow both KFC sales and staff numbers.

“We’re seeing many markets throughout the world now delivering KFC product successfully, with a positive impact on sales figures,” says Creedy. “At the delivery store level we will be recruiting drivers, and hopefully with growing sales there will be more hours and more jobs for people to work in KFC,” says Creedy.

There will be four KFC stores in Hamilton participating the trial: Hamilton East, Northmall, Rototuna and Frankton. Orders will go through a new website,www.kfcdelivery.co.nz, and will only be available for home delivery in the Hamilton region, not pick-up.

“We’ve used Hamilton as a test market successfully in the past, and generally it’s fairly representative of the New Zealand demographic,” says Creedy. “Following the trial, we’ll try and roll out the delivery service as fast as possible to other centres.”

KFC is currently looking for drivers to take part in the Hamilton trial, with recruitment commencing in early January through its online hiring sitewww.servingupthefuture.co.nz