KFC New Zealand Creates Its First Easter Egg – With Real KFC

KFC New Zealand has created its first Easter Egg, which features a whole chocolate egg, set within the iconic KFC bucket. The limited-edition egg comes complete with fresh, hot pieces of secret recipe KFC chicken on the top.

Finger lickin’ good: This Easter you can eat your chicken and egg together thanks to the Colonel’s KFC’s Easter Egg Bucket.

Forget the chocolate buttons, half-sized marshmallow yokes and creme eggs, this holiday season KFC is seriously spicing up the Easter Egg stakes serving up an egg and chicken… together.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer, Geraldine Oldham said KFC’s egg is a fun take on the age-old question: “what came first, the chicken or the egg?”

“We thought KFC fans shouldn’t have to choose, so we’re serving up the delicious KFC Easter Egg Bucket – so some lucky Kiwis can enjoy their chicken and chocolate together this Easter” said Restaurant Brands Chief Marketing Officer, Geraldine Oldham.

“This year we’ve seen a rise in quirky Easter Egg options from around the world that are set to give the old Easter Bunny a run for its money come Easter weekend. We think the KFC Easter Egg Bucket will be a hot favourite up there with other unique creations including the chocolate scotch egg, the Game of Thrones chocolate dragon egg, the cheese egg and the chocolate avocado egg.”

In recent years, KFC New Zealand has released the Colonel’s ‘Finger Lickin’ Goods’ range, cooked up to celebrate special moments. Products included the KFC Christmas decorations, the KFC-scented candle, the hot chicken Valentine’s Day Bouquet and the KFC Mother’s Day chocolates, flavoured with the iconic 11 herbs and spices recipe. KFC’s Easter Egg Bucket is the latest addition to this range.

Fans wanting to get their hands on KFC’s Easter Egg Bucket should keep an eye on KFC’s Facebook page, where a competition will be going live on Tuesday 16thApril.

Two competition winners will be announced on Thursday 18th April.