Wear your heart on your sleeve and your chicken on your wrist this Valentine’s Day with KFC’s #fingerlickingood Charm Bracelets.

KFC is Giving Away Bucket Loads of Charm this Valentine’s Day

Last year the KFC bouquet stole hearts – this year KFC New Zealand’s charming chicken lovers with the ultimate Valentine’s gift – a hand-crafted set of charms in silver and gold to immortalise fried chicken love.

The exclusive Valentine’s drop of KFC Charms come in a set of five: a drumstick, chips, wing, the KFC Bucket and the king of charm himself, the Colonel.

Charm bracelets tell a unique story about the loves and lives of those who wear them, and KFC Marketing Director Clark Wilson says for those wanting to get loved up this Valentine’s Day, putting a wing on it will add the spice they’re looking for.

“There are many symbols used to represent love – the heart, cupid, roses, doves – and this Valentine’s Day we’re adding a wing and drumstick to the list. What could be more precious for a KFC fan?

One silver charm bracelet will be given away via KFC’s Instagram page.

“Each of these charms will have a certain significance and memory for KFC fans – a reminder of those special moments shared over a bucket,” says Wilson.

One limited edition gold-plated KFC Charm Bracelet and three silver KFC Charm Bracelets will be given away via KFC’s Facebook page one silver will be given away on KFC’s Instagram page.