Buy NZ Made challenges businesses to ‘embrace their weird’ in Covid-19 recovery

Buy NZ Made has launched a campaign challenging New Zealand businesses, manufacturers and producers to ‘make their way out’ of our current tough times, by finding their niche and seizing the opportunity that Covid-19 has presented.

“Covid-19 has changed the environment in which businesses operate, and as we continue to face uncertainty, now is not the time for business as usual. With many kiwi businesses doing it tough, embracing big thinking and new ideas is essential,” says Ryan Jennings, Executive Director of Buy NZ Made.

“It’s a time for our businesses to recognise that weird can be good and embrace what makes them different and what gives them an edge. Look at what your business does well, consider your unique point of difference, understand what your customers want, and feel empowered to work with your team to sharpen and adapt this.

“From The New Zealand Sock Company who started making face masks during the lockdown to The Block Dock in Riverton who figured out a way to keep your soap fresh – I see on an almost daily basis the amazing things that Kiwi makers and producers can do when they embrace their weird and find their niche.

“This campaign is all about encouraging the next generation of Kiwi business to do the same. Many of them can already be found at, a new home for New Zealand-owned and -operated businesses.”

“We’ve seen through the Budget that the Government is backing SMEs to rebuild the economy. With a focus on entrepreneurship and e-commerce, it’s a great time to adapt your existing offering, extend your brand beyond its pre-Covid-19 identity, create a new product or move your business online,” he says.

“The great news is that New Zealanders are ready to support you as you embrace new ideas. We know consumer behaviour has shifted, and the fact that a business is New Zealand owned, and a product is New Zealand made; are more important than ever for kiwis when purchasing.”

“Kiwis want to support locally made products, but it’s crucial that they can easily identify them. The iconic NZ Made Trademark has been displayed proudly on many unique products since 1988 and assures consumers that what they are buying is truly a NZ Made product.

“In the last week, we’ve seen six months’ worth of applications in a single week, and we want to see more NZ businesses sign up and make themselves known in this way to their customers.”

You can check if your business is eligible and sign up for the NZ Made Trademark at

Jennings says New Zealanders have an important role in our recovery by making conscious purchasing decisions.

“This isn’t about buying more but buying better. We’re encouraging conscious decision-making in choosing products made here at home, and at the same time, playing a key role in our economic recovery.

“When you’re next buying something, check to see if there’s a New Zealand made alternative for what you need online at Shopkiwi, and look out for the NZ Made logo on products and websites.”